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With so many different types of soccer shoes, it can be hard to know what on earth to buy? What is the difference between indoor soccer shoes and cleats? What material should I look for? Are women’s soccer shoes different to regular soccer shoes? These are just a handful of questions out of probably hundreds you can think of when trying to buy a pair of soccer shoes. Sometimes it’s too confusing to know where to start. 

What you need is a comprehensive soccer shoe guide to cut through the complex terms and jargon to help you pick the best soccer shoes for your needs.

That’s why I created this soccer shoe guide in order to help you pick the best soccer shoes no matter what your ability or your need. Below is my soccer shoe guide in which I explain everything you need to know about all the different types of soccer shoes. Don’t forget to check out my buyer’s guides for a more comprehensive look at each category of soccer shoes as these outline what to look for when buying, product reviews and my recommendation of the best soccer shoe for your needs.